ESI 50 / 50L

In today’s business world, it is critical to have a business communication solution that will keep you connected with your customers and employees anywhere, anytime. Your business phone is one of the most critical components of your communication success as a business. The right phone will deliver the features you need to ensure every customer call is handled professionally and offer you tools that you can use easily manage your staff’s performance.

For more than 27 years, ESI has perfected the desktop phone to work as the hub of your communications. Loaded with advanced capabilities yet incredibly intuitive to use with features you use every day at your fingertips. Each phone has been purposefully designed by our engineers to work with ESI solutions and deliver the best in communications. Anyone can sell you a generic phone with their phone system. At ESI our phones are uniquely integrated with our solutions to work together in unison.

ESI 50 and 50L Features

IP and Digital versions available

Six level, 100 branch automated attendant

Six voice mail channels and 30 hours of message storage

60 key expansion consoles available

Enhanced Caller ID

Up to 16 conference callers

Off premise message delivery and urgent message notifications

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ESI IP Server 900

Take full advantage of IP solutions, make the right choice: ESI's IP Server 900.

Voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology converts traditional telephone voice communications into data to be carried over LANs, WANs, and the Internet. The IP Server 900 uses your interoffice data pipeline as the communications path carrying both voice and data throughout your offices and over your WAN or the Internet to your remote workers. With remote IP phones, your office extensions can “extend” to virtually any off-site location with broadband access.

The IP Server 900 enables numerous capabilities that can reduce costs for organizations. It’s clear that you can benefi t from the IP solutions that the IP Server 900 makes possible. So read on to see everything that this outstanding system has to offer.

ESI IP Server 900 Features

Easier Installation - IP phones work over your office data network

Multi-Site Communications - IP phones let you link multiple sites over your WAN or the Internet

Remote IP Solutions - Provide remote employees a full featured office extension almost anywhere

VIP 7 Softphone gives you the capabilities of a desktop phone right on your PC screen

Receive email notifications when you receive a voice mail

Bluetooth voice integration

Intelligent call forwarding, auto attendant, shared office tenanting and many more features

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